Our Catching Program is directed by Coach Guillermo Quiroz and Coach Heberto Andrade, along with assistant coach Juan Martinez. Being the most Physically and mentally demanding position in Baseball, our classes are orientated to improve the catching mechanics and these 2 aspects in our students.

Some of the drills that we use for this purpose are:


  •         Barehand receiving (framing)
  •         Weighted ball receiving (framing) 
  •         Blocking set position (static)
  •         Dry blocking (reacting to calls)
  •         Foot work (advancing forward)
  •         Transfers from the side (quick transfers for throwing to bases)
  •         3 ball blocking drill (blocking)
  •         Barehand transfers (transfer)
  •         Reaction drill (machine, receiving, blocking)
  •         Machine receiving (fastball, breaking balls)
  •         Foot work “T” drill (coordination)
  •         Slow motion Footwork to bases (right mechanics)
  •         Blocking slow rollers (right mechanics)
  •         Med-ball footwork (explosion and quickness)

Trust the Process”



Catching and Hitting Instructor