Baseball Coach
The coach will train major league players during off season; he will also teach and train other coaches for other teams in surrounding areas; the coach will give individual or group classes to youth and adults in the following areas of baseball and softball. Parents of these young adults will hire the coach in our facility to train their children due to his/her professional background. Most of these parents’ intention in hiring a professional coach is because they want their children to be groomed to become professional baseball players in the future. Will teach Batting: Identify failures in the customer’s mechanics; Use of drills to maintain and improve proper mechanics; Have excellent knowledge of the key points of hitting (Set-up, Stride / Load, Swing, Follow through); Fielding: Defense for infielders, catchers and outfielders; Identify weaknesses in the customer’s fielding mechanics ;Use of appropriate drills to maintain and improve your mechanics ;Have excellent knowledge of the principles of fielding and the situations that can occur in the game with runners on base; Pitching: Basic knowledge of pitcher mechanics; Use of drills to maintain and improve client mechanics; Have excellent knowledge of the movement of the arm and body at the time of throwing, taking into account the key points of pitching (Generate energy, Consistency, Timing, Power, Control); Base Running ;Have excellent knowledge of game situations as a base runner; Recognize failures in the client’s mechanics and execute the appropriate drills to improve; Physical conditioning; Basic knowledge of baseball workouts; Speed, Reaction, Force and Endurance; The activities described above are also carried out for teams of 10 or more players within our facilities and in different baseball and softball stadiums throughout the state.

Baseball and softball vacation camps for boys and girls. During these camps the coach is in charge of the following activities: Attendance record; Physical preparation of the participants; Participant safety; Order and cleanliness; Dictation of batting, defense and pitching clinics; Coordinate activities and skills aimed at awakening teamwork; Attention to parents and representatives.