⚾️| Learning to throw a baseball is a simple yet fundamental part of the game. And the right throwing technique can give your budding athlete an early leg-up on the field.

?| Use this simple guide to help your child learn to properly throw a baseball—from arm motion to stance to a proper grip on the ball.

1️⃣| Have your child place their index finger and middle finger along the ball’s seam, with their thumb tucked underneath. Remember, they should hold the ball with their fingertips, not their palm.

2️⃣| Before they throw, get them into the right position. Have them point their non-throwing arm’s shoulder toward the target. They should keep their foot perpendicular to the target, and push off for added power.

4️⃣| Demonstrate the full throwing motion for them. Show them how to cock their throwing arm back into a power position.

5️⃣| Have them throw the ball in the direction of their target, cocking their arm back before pulling forward to release the ball. With their lead foot, they should step towards the target as the ball releases and finish with their toe pointing at the target. Continue with this motion and follow through to the opposite side of their body. Make sure their fingers are at the top of the ball when they release and pull down to finish so the hand is on their opposite hip. Fingers on the side of the ball mean their wrist has rotated and the throw will be less accurate.

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